Avanza Mat

Ideal mats for advance yoga practice
Now, with the purchase of the Seafoam Navy mat by AVANZA, we will give you a gift: Orange Magic strap.

Seafoam Navy + strap Orange


Ideal for advanced yoga practice. Its engineered formulation (combination of dynamic polymers) provides mat top layer with strong grip and perfect adherence for advanced asana practices. High quality material resistant to breaks, tears and stretch. Two layers bonding high resistant. Maximum comfort and superior cushioning. Non-slip top side layer fine texture finish and touch friendly for an unparalleled experience. Bottom layer grip embossing gives perfect adherence 
to prevent sliding on any surface. Lightweight and portable.
Material composition Dual layer. Engineered mixtures of dynamic foamed polymers. Dimensions 60 x 185 cm / 24" x 73" Weight 1100 g Thickness 5 mm Surface Fine top texture and grip bottom embossing. Closed Cell Surface Non moisture absorbent, preventing bacteria and fungi growth. Structure Micro air cells. Superior cushioning and light weight.
We recommend you to clean your mat gently after practices by wipe it down with a damp cloth and let the mat air dry before rolling up again and using. For deeper cleaning you can use a diluted solution of 10:1 water to vinegar or use any of the all-purpose mat washes available in the market following their instructions. Do not machine wash or dry.

In order to maintain the good performance of your mat for a long time, do not use it in environments with extreme temperature and humidity conditions, as it could be damaged (do not forget it inside your car in the sun, nor keep it in contact with hot surfaces)