Magali Dalix

Kit #MagaliTrainBetter


Designed to practice #MagaliTrainBetter method. Maximum comfort and cushioning. Engineered high quality material, resistant to breaks, tears and stretch. Top anti-slip thin weave texture layer. Bottom grip embossing layer gives perfect adherence to prevent sliding on any surface. Lightweight and portable. Includes a strap to carry the mat easily and comfortably.


This KIT contains a mat to perform the exercises indicated in the book Change Your Body (and your life), a book, and a strap to bring the mat easily with you to wherever you go to practice the method.


A lightweight and easy to carry mat to enjoy Magali’s method anywhere you go! No excuses.

About Magali’s book:

Sport changed my life and this book will change yours. Magali Dalix proposes you a challenge: change your body and change your life in 20 days. My method #MagaliTrainBetter is the result of a 25 years training, work and experience. It has been my biggest dream and my daily goal, change my world everyday and maybe yours. With it you’ll be able to kick off that lazy mind we all keep inside that I call Fatness and you’ll open the door to a breaker, easy, and full of energy training with which you’ll learn to overcome yourself, you’ll strengthen your self esteem and increase your trust. At home, at the gym, at a hotel, at the park…Take always your mat with you and leve the excuses aside… Think of each obstacle as a learning process. Every little bit counts. Follow me. I invite you to give it all for YOU, share the joy and satisfaction of working to improve and overcome yourself. I promise it will be worth it!

Material composition

Expanded EVA foam — en la web pone: Material composition: Single-layer mat developed from dynamic polymers with extreme grip.

Dimensions 36X97 cm

Weight 400 gr

Thickness 10mm

Surface fine texture

Closed cell surface Non moisture absorbent, preventing bacteria and fungi growth.

Structure Structure of micro air cells. Superior cushioning and lightweight.

We recommend you to clean your mat gently after every practice by wiping it down with a damp cloth and let the mat air dry before rolling it up and using it again.

Do not machine wash or dry.

In order to maintain the good performance of your mat for a longer time, do not use it in environments with extreme temperature or humid conditions, it may get damaged. As well as avoid direct exposure to the sun. If it gets wet, let it dry before rolling it up.